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Could You Have been mis-sold Solar Panels?

If you were advised by a solar panel company that your panels would “Pay for Themselves” or that they would be “Self-Funding” and believe you have been mis-sold solar panels, we might be able to help you make a solar panel claim.


Are your solar panels living
up to expectations?

If you make and save less each month than the cost of your finance payment, then it’s highly likely you have a legitimate claim for mis-selling.  If you purchased Solar Panels using finance arranged by the solar company & they have failed to live up to the promises and assurances the sales person gave you, you could be entitled to claim. 

false representation

Did the sales person exaggerate the benefits of solar panels and give you false hope that the system would pay for itself? If they did and you think that you might have been mis-sold solar panels, then you are entitled to claim compensation for such mis-selling.  At Solar Claims UK Ltd, we have claimed thousands of pounds for our customers all over the UK and are continuing to do so.  If you feel that you were mis-sold solar panels, then complete a quick enquiry form here to begin the process of claiming compensation. 

Could You Have Been Mis-sold Solar Panels? 

If you have encountered any of the following you may be entitled to to a solar panel claim:

FIT Payments

If these didn’t cover the cost of the monthly finance, you may have a claim. 

Money Saving Potential

Perhaps  the system’s earning or money-saving potential was overstated.  You may have a claim.

Lack of information

If critical information about the performance of your solar PV system wasn’t provided, You may have a claim. 

Pressure To Sign A Contract

If you felt you were put under undue pressure to sign a contract; you might have a claim.

Additional Costs

Have you incurred additional costs that were not made clear prior to purchase? You may have a claim.

Contractual Issues

If parts of the contract were left blank, or changed at any point; you might have a claim.

What Documents we will need from YOU to process a solar panel claim

The key information that we will require you to forward to us is as follows: 

Copies of reciepts of your deposits

Copies of receipts for all further payments or copies of bank statements 

Copies of all agreements and quotations supplied by the supplier 

Copies of any finance agreement taken out to purchase the solar panels  

Copies of all marketing material supplied by the supplier 

Copies of your first 4 Feed in Tariff Statements 

Copies of all electricity bills for the 12 months prior to the installation 

Copies of all electricity bills for the 12 months after the installation 

Don’t just take our word for it

I had given up this money and to get it back was fantastic. The service form Solar Claims UK Ltd was absolutely outstanding and I could not recommend them more enthusiastically. 

Steve Orrell – Bradford – November 2018 

We were sold a Solar System back in 2016 and were clearly lied to about how much money we would save or make. We were referred to Solar Claims UK and they were excellent. As we had paid a £500 deposit on our credit card we were able to make a claim for the full balance. With no effort from us, and after only 6 weeks we received a full refund of £9,500. Service was brilliant the result great. 

Peter O’Connor – Bromsgrove January 2019 

Solar Claims UK have been great. They secured us over £9,000 in payment due to the clear mis selling of a PV Solar panel system. They did everything for us service was first class, and we have already recommended them to a couple of friends in similar circumstances. 

Audrey Smith – Penzance – June 2019 

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